To wash or not to wash

Remember yourself walking around the centre of Chicago and trying to catch your reflection in the windows. These windows can attract an attention and make a person come over, buy something or stay for a cup of coffee. That’s a good example of how cleanness and a pleasant look can bring new clients and make long-term customers remain loyal.

How often should the windows of your office be washed? Well, there is a pretty standard answer to this question: spring and autumn. However, we suppose it is a controversial issue. In some cases washing windows must be carried out every single month or week. These following factors will help you to understand the necessary frequency of washing windows.

Type of activity

There is a huge difference between a big factory somewhere on the outskirts of the city and a small restaurant located on a quiet street. Speaking about the first example: windows of production buildings are usually not washed as this process considered to be unseen by passer-byes, and the expenses on an organization to wash these windows are groundless and needless. But if we speak about a restaurant it is totally the opposite. Some people do not want to enter a restaurant with dirty windows and doors, as they would transfer this impression on the quality of food and the level of the service. Thus, for this type of business, it is pretty important to maintain ultimate outside look and cleanness.


A building can be located in the downtown of Chicago, close to the river, or somewhere in the woods. However, there are major factors that influence the frequency of washing the windows. Can you guess? In a city itis dust and emission of gases, close to the river – the humidity and insects, also in the woods.

Weather forecasts

People usually suppose, the more rain and snow the more often they should wash windows. Unfortunately, it’s not like that. Rains help not only to keep our cars clean but also our windows and dust free. When it comes to snow, it, sad to say, may leave some stains, which are better to be swiped off.

Well, if you need to find a perfect schedule to wash windows, please, take these factors into consideration. Check the weather forecast in your city (there are loads of apps to do it), and definitely always focus on your personal needs. For example, if you cannot stand dirty windows and glass doors, or you have a perfect view from your window, do not wait for your scheduled windows washing; just call the professionals from GloClean Company