Professioanl cleaning after renovation works in Chicago


Dust, garbage, paint strains, glue and chemical solutions… It’s not what you were expecting at the end of renovation. To clean this mess-up can be tedious, gruel and a complex process, but it is the last and important step to the interior of your dreams. Whenever it’s possible, save your precious time and let GloClean cleaning company to do what they are the best at. The following article will give you essential information about the way the task can be accomplished.


1.  First of all, specialists from cleaning company gather old huge pieces of construction garbage and sweep the floor. It is done in order to free as much surfaces as possible, so there will be no obstacles and nothing would make difficulties during the further process.


2.  Then they vacuum all horizontal surfaces with the help of special equipment and take away the major construction pollution. It makes easier to wash away the remains of dust without leaving strains.


3.  Moving forward, GloClean cleaning company team checks all surfaces to find flush debris. The specialists are well educated and know how to deal with different types of flush debris and stains, such as paint stains or filler paste using special effective (always expensive) products. Best cleaning companies use only ecologically friendly and superior powders and solutions, which are harmfulness for a human health.


4.  Later on comes in-out moist mopping of all surfaces and furniture. This also includes washing and cleaning lavatory facilities, windows washing and polishing.


5.  Then it’s necessary to make sure that the rooms are well ventilated.  For that purpose all windows are being opened to create air stream with the help of which you can eliminate dust in rooms.


If you are happened to do it on your own, it’s very important to follow the rule – from the hardest to the simplest. First of all tasks considered to be the hardest should be finished. These tasks would take more strength and times, for example deleting the stains of paint from the surface, tiding up filler paste and taking off tapes. Leave the easiest to the end. Start your cleaning strictly from up to down; from the left to the right or from the right to the left. It’s highly recommended not to miss anything or not to jump for one part of your process to another one.


We hope that this article gave you knowledge of that process. To sum up, let’s outline the main reasons why you should hire GloClean cleaning company to do your dirty work after renovation. First, it’s time saving – they know what should be done; it’s harmless – they are educated and well prepared, so they know how it should be done properly; third, there is no risks – the company and its specialists are licensed to perform such activities, and all works are carried in accordance with the state legislation. 

Choose the best cleaning company in Chicago – GloClean cleaning company, and let yourself enjoy the interior of your dreams.