Sssssomething you should know about our leader…


How many times do you ask yourself “who runs the company I want to get service from”? Well, we think you must know who builds these walls and knows when to get down to business.

Who runs the world?



Let’s meet the President of Glo Life Ink, Nadezda Dolbaraeva.

Nadezda (we call her Nadia, so you are welcome too) has come from a corporate life where she played a vital role in Toyota Motor, one of the TOP 6

Global Fortune Companies. Being a part of the HR team, Nadia has implemented and created training systems for service advisors and customer service targeted on needs of Lexus and Toyota customers.

Not only has she developed the training system for service managers, but Lexus Customer Phycology, Lexus Communication Skills philosophy and Lexus

International, which she has managed on her own and also handed over to their partners in Europe and USA.

Few words about the ideology Toyota Motor Corporation is famous due to the Toyota Product System aka Lean management.

Lean management is an approach to run an organization that seeks continued improvements. It is a stable path to carry out an activity that repeatedly pursues incremental changes in process to improve quality and efficiency. Lean management focuses on the elimination of any waste: time, money, effort, and resource, by identifying every step of the business process and cutting out

unnecessary ones.


Here is the basic principle of Lean management: 5 S principle.

Each S stands for:


1) Sort (seiri) –identifying important and not important things, and getting rid of needless;

2) Straighten (seiton) – everything has its own place in order to allow easy access without wasting time;

3) Shine (seiso) – maintaining a workplace clean and garbage-free in order to immediately detect problems and get rid of them;

4) Standardize (seiketsu) – establishing standards for a neat and

clean workplace;

5) Sustain (shitsuke) – toughest phase to maintain the established

standards for a neat and clean workplace;


There is a significant impact on business processes, which is estimated from 10 to 30% on efficiency. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, 5 S principle helps to reduce stress not only at work but also at home. In addition, it brings harmony in processes such as finding things, fixing equipment and saving resources.

Glo Life cleaning company policy relies on this principle, respect for people and KAIZEN, which differ our company from the other cleaning companies at the market. An employee is not a resource Unlike our competitors, we do love and care about our employees. Every employee is a member of our big Glo-family, where they are respected, treated well, and where we help them to be high off life!

We believe that only these workers are able to provide top-level services

from their hearts. A person, whom you let inside your house to get service from, should be kind-hearted and lead the positive way of living because these factors are essential for the prosperity of your business and life.

Your comfort and safety are our priority We do love and care about our customers. It is not our aim to provide the

best services in the city. The main aim is to perform the best services to you. We want to become best friends with you; thus, you would trust us and let us do your dirty work.

All Glo Life employees have gone through the background checks. They perform under IRS 9W form. We are entirely bounded and insured, which make us trustworthy company present at the market.

We will do our best for you to reach peace of mind in your clean and shiny home.

Thank you for choosing us!


Your Glo Life Inc team.