How to clean a toilet?

We understand that the kings and queens are not supposed to clean the toilets. Unfortunately, if you do it once in a blue moon, don’t ask a professional cleaning company to help, at the end you wouldn’t be caught dead visiting your white friend. That’s why it is better to maintain your toilet clean than be afraid of it. There are a lot of different dangerous microbes and microorganisms, which always lead to an unpleasant odor and affect your health.

Our GloClean cleaning company knows the two best ways to keep your toilet clean.

The way number one:

1) First, you should take away everything (air odour, basket etc.) from your toilet room, so the area would be free and nothing would disturb you.

2) Put on disposable gloves – it will protect your skin. There is a range of dangerous microbes and also you are going to work with aggressive chemicals.

3) Take a sponge and saturate it with warm water. Then wet the toilet to soften old mud.

4) Take your cleaning products for toilets and, following the instructions on the bottle or box, pour the chemicals inside of your toilet: in the toilet bowl and under the toilet seat. Leave it for 5 or 10 minutes. Liquid chemicals are unlikely to combat the hard to reach mud and old stains.

5) Now take the scrub brush and start to clean toilet bowel from the inside. Do it carefully to get rid of all that horrible microbes. Also pay attention to the bottom of the toilet bowl where the water always stays at the same level, so it would look like a pro from our GloClean cleaning company team did it for you.

6) Accurately flush enough water to get rid of the chemicals remains. Flush and deep the scrub brush at the same time, until the bottom is crystal clear as water.

7) Now we have to disinfect. You should always keep disinfect product for bathrooms and toilets. Carefully read the instructions and start to clean toilet from inside out. Remember, it helps to kill bacteria and microbes.

Do you know which parts of your toilet are the most dangerous and dirtiest? Well, the right answer is a button flush so never miss this area.

8) Next turn – the floors and walls. To begin, you have to sweep the floor or vacuum it. Then take a basket and fill it with some water adding a cleaning product for floors. Carefully wash the surface around the toilet. When the floor is dry repeat the same actions with the walls if they are washable

9) Then you have to wash with a cloth all shelves, baskets and everything in the toilet room. Well, now you have finished! Great! We believe that the cleanliness is next to godliness.

Seems like we’ve forgotten to share the second way to keep your toilets clean. Here it is, never miss the chance to receive help and support concerning this topic from our GloClean cleaning company in Chicago – save your time and nerves, call us and let us do your dirty work!